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Continue the Story 44!

Nozaki Umetarou is a talented manga artist, but he has trouble creating new characters and often takes inspiration from people-watching. Luckily, we have lots of colorful personalities right here at Colors! Here comes somebody right now--!

........ugh. There are sheep everywhere, falling from the sky.
I've been having terrible nightmares every night about them,
so I thought I'd see how long I could go without sleep.
I prepared everything-- energy drinks, snacks, movies, more energy drinks...

Each week, a new character will come forth with a story to inspire Nozaki-kun, and your job is to continue where the previous person left off, word by word!

1) Comment with one word to continue the story.
2) With each word, turn in one card starting with the same letter as your word. You will lose this card!
3) For your word and card, you will receive six cards of the same color as the card you submitted.
     For special cards, you will receive three cards of each color.
4) There is no limit to the number of times you can comment, but there must be at least three comments in between each of yours.

This round will close on Wednesday, April 6 is closed!