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Directions 107!

AKB0048 has gone on a break for their upcoming performances! However, we're joined by the Saisei High School Stride Team. Stride is a sport that is played in large public spaces, and sometimes the teams travel to different places to run through the streets!

This week, Shizuma received a photo of the Saisei Team's next destination.

This place is ruled by a very forthright young girl and is divided up into four levels of residental buildings. The higher your ranking gives you a better standard of living... Well, isn't that quaint?

If you can tell Shizuma what the name is of this place and what series/game it comes from, he'll happily give you four cards for each correct answer!

Last time, the Saisei Team was in Inkopolis Plaza/City from Splatoon!

This round will end on Friday, March 25th!