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Rei's Friend Report 130

Last week, Rei befriended Moe!
Congrats to Kari for winning the Bonus Crayon Lottery!

Hello and welcome to Rei's Friend Report!
You probably know Rei. She's... not a very sociable person. But if we try to find her some new friends, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. So, let's get to it! I'm sure we'll find tons of friendly people here on Colors.

In each round, I will post several clues about one of the active players at our TCG, and you will have to guess their name!

Friend Report 130:
This person
- is at the fruits tier.
- mastered the Shugo deck.
- collects a AKB0048 mass deck.
- has their birthday in November.

Since Rei is participating in the Double Rewards Month, all prizes are doubled!
If you submit the name of this player, you will be awarded eight random cards!
There is also a bonus prize of 4 crayons for one randomly selected player who submits a correct answer.

This round closes on 25th March CLOSED!, Central European time!