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Lucky Draw 21

Last round's right hand was: A♠, A♥, 2♣, 3♥, 5♦!

Hello, Colors. ♥ There are 52 cards and two jokers in a deck. I know what you're thinking right now. "This game isn't going to be choosing from all 54, is it?" No, no, it won't be like that.

I have five cards in my hands. I will put ten cards at random on the table and you will have to pick the five cards that are in my hand.

Do not be discouraged. The closer you get, the more prizes you will get. Like so:

- All five correct: 5 cards, a choice card, a crayon.
- Four correct: 5 cards, a crayon.
- Three correct: 4 cards.
- Two correct: 2 cards.
- One correct: 1 card.
- None correct: Nothing... So sorry.

Pretty simple, isn't it? Though there is a bonus you can play, but you don't have to.

You can place a bet. There's a risk of losing the bet you make, but I'm sure you're prepared for that, aren't you? Here's what you can put as stakes:

- 1 crayon of any color: double the rewards to any prize (this includes crayons and choice cards.)
- 1 special card: five cards extra to any prize.
- 1 regular card: two cards extra to any prize.
- All three: triple the rewards (includes crayons and choice cards) and two extra crayons but only if you get four or more right.

NOTE: You can't put two stakes at the same time. Only one or the option of all three.

If you get nothing right, you will lose the stake you had. If you choose to bet with all three stakes, you will lose the stakes if you get less than four right.

May luck be with you.

The Cards

A♠, 6♠, 6♥, 9♠, 5♦, 9♣, 8♥, 10♠, J♣, Q♥.

If the symbols are not showing, they're the Ace of Spades, Six of Spades, Six of Hearts, Nine of Spades, Five of Diamonds, Nine of Clubs, Eight of Hearts, Ten of Spades, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Hearts.


The only hint is... February's release had a deck with only numbers in it. Well, that's not really helpful, is it?

This round will end on Saturday, March 26th. Good luck! ♥
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A♠, 9♠, 9♣, 8♥, Q♥

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airyglyph05, airyglyph17, ambrosia02!