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Pokeradar 257

Last round's answer were Yakul and Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke.

Ah, what a good day to meet you here~ ♥ My name is Tatara Totsuka but you can call me either way you want~ I really like making memories by using my camera but after taking lots of pictures of my friends in Homra, some of them are getting more and more annoyed by it. ^^' So I started to think that how it would work with animals. Could it be possible to create memories with them as well? At first it was a bit hard because some of the animals are really shy or they don't want to come out at all. That's why I had to be really careful with them because I didn't want to distress those beautiful creatures.

Since I haven't been here that long, I don't know the names or other details of these creatures. That's why I would need your help. Every week I'll give you one photograph from my collections so you could help by telling me it's name and origin. I promise to do my best so the pictures will turn out well. Thank you in advance for your help~ ♥

This little guy was trespassing earlier this week. It was a bit surprising because he was knocking one of our windows. He was very talkative but didn't stay long before he had to leave again. I wonder where he was going. Can you help me by telling me his name and the series he comes from. As a prize for your help, I'll give you three random cards.

This round will end on March 17th. CLOSED
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Gomamon from Digimon!