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Directions 106

AKB0048 has gone on a break for their upcoming performances! However, we're joined by the Saisei High School Stride Team. Stride is a sport that is played in large public spaces, and sometimes the teams travel to different places to run through the streets!

This week, Shizuma received a photo of the Saisei Team's next destination.

What a colorful and happening place this is! The report says that this is the area to chill with your friends, buy some cool clothes and weapons, before tackling the various stages that are around with your team. There seems to be a particular message attached to this photo, too. "Stay fresh!" Wonder what that means...

If you can tell Shizuma what the name is of this place and what series/game it comes from, he'll happily give you two cards for each correct answer!

Last time, the Saisei Team was in Hope's Peak Academy from Dangan Ronpa!

This round will end on Friday, March 18th!
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Inkopolis from Splatoon!