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Last round: Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter!

History is written by the victors. In any account of the past, there are two stories - the story we see, and the story untold, that of what was suppressed to favor the cause of those who chronicled it.

I am Arazlam Durai, a scholar of history. I seek to shed light on these forgotten mysteries, and piece together the second story - but until I have names to go with these deeds, I cannot consider my work done. Perhaps you can help me find the missing piece of this great puzzle?

This young lady - who hosts a game here at Colors - is an orphaned survivor of the Miltian Conflict. She works as a computer scientist and programmer, working on an android combat weapon to fight the Gnosis. But of course, things get more complicated than that...

Give her name and series for three random cards!

This round ends on Thursday, March 10th.