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Pot of Gold 64

Congratulations to the winners of last month's Pot of Gold!

Sore legs and happy hearts, what a month! We've strengthened our bodies, but now it's time to strengthen our minds-- by solving a mystery with Kamiyama's Classics Club!

The object of the Pot of Gold is to complete different "tasks" that will be different every month. You'll get small rewards for completing them individually, but receive bonuses if you manage to complete all of them. How much of the rainbow can you complete?

- Everything collected and turned in for these tasks must be done and logged in between March 1st and March 31st, 2016. So you've only got one month!

- When commenting here after completing a task, make sure you label your subject with "Completed", as well as the color of the task you finished. Also, make sure you let me know if you've completed all of them so I can give you your extra reward!

- Please give me a link to your logs with every comment you make. Also, make sure you link me all the stuff that I need to check.

- I might be able to pass out most of the prizes before the end of the month, so please tell me (with a note in your subject or comment) if you want them earlier.

- Pot of Gold tasks can only be turned in when the round is open, so that means that after 12:01PM EST on April 1st, you can't turn in anything even if your tasks were completed and logged in March! Even if you were on hiatus. It's just like with normal games, you can't reply to them once the round closes. If you need to fix a link or clarify something after this time, please reply to your comment; do not edit your comment after the deadline!

- Also, most of the prizes you obtain from Pot of Gold are valid for a set period of time. Special deck donations, however, are an exception - think of them as tickets that you can turn in regardless of when it was won.

The theme of this month's Pot of Gold is HYOUKA!

Oreki... doesn't seem all that motivated to solve the mystery, actually. He'd rather just go back and sleep if he has no obligation to help. Maybe this is the secret to his impressive deductive reasoning?! Let's try it his way and conserve enough energy to tackle this mystery!!

Take a break from updating your card post for three consecutive days!

↪ Link to your log, and comment with the three days you did not log any prizes or trades.

Prizes: 5 random cards

... .....That's no good!! Chitanda is just too curious about what this mystery is and can't wait to solve it! Help her out by searching for some clues!

Turn in 5 cards that spell out CLUES!

↪ Turn in one card per letter. The letter can be anywhere in the deckname!
↪ All cards must be earned in March. Please link to where you received them.
↪ You will lose these cards.

Prizes: 6 random cards + 1 random crayon

Searching for clues can take a long time if you don't know where to start. Luckily, Fukube has a wide breadth of knowledge that might come in handy. But Colors games are your expertise, so show him how much you know!

Correctly answer 15 games in March.

↪ Link to your answers!
↪ All games count: knowledge-based, luck, freebies, etc. as well as multiple rounds of the same game.
↪ For game mods, posting your game will also count!

Prizes: 8 random cards

It looks like one member isn't present at club today. Ibara is busy with her manga club and working as a volunteer librarian for the library club, but we'll get things done faster if we all work together, so let's help lighten her load a bit!

Use four different services in March.

↪ Services include Art Shop, Art Studio, Deck Donations, Graphic Donations, Levels, Masteries, and Recycled Art
↪ This task can NOT overlap with the Brown or Gray tasks, but separate level ups and masteries are fine.
↪ BONUS: max out Art Studio and/or Deck Donations for 2 crayons each!

Prizes: 8 random cards (+bonus 0 to 4 random crayons)

Togaito is the president of the newspaper club. He's dropped by today for a "trade" of sorts: he may have important information we need, but first, he wants to know if we have any interesting stories to publish in the school paper. Time to go out and find people to interview!

Trade with 15 different players.

↪ For at least 3 trades, ask about and learn something about the other person! This can be as simple as their favorite color, what book they're currently reading, how their day is going, etc.
↪ Link to your trades.
↪ Trades can be started before March, must be completed in March.
↪ BONUS: for each signature you trade, you can earn an additional special card, up to three extra specials!

Prizes: 10 random cards (+bonus 0-3 random special cards)

Sawakiguchi once helped come up with theories for another mystery the classics club was asked to help with. As a member of the astronomy club, she couldn't be here in person today, but left us a note-- only part of it have been smudged out! But don't worry, we can fill in the missing words!

I saw a (noun) fly straight out of that room the other day, looking very (adjective)!! I bet they were going to (verb) a (noun), but messed up really bad. Try looking for a (adjective) (noun), I bet you'll find it!

Turn in 6 cards to fill in the missing blanks, Mad Lib style!

↪ The deckname must correspond to the parts of speech indicated, but don't worry about making sense :P
↪ These cards do not have to be earned in March.
↪ You will lose these cards.

Prizes: 8 random cards + 1 random crayon

Even Oreki can't just sit around while everybody's working so hard. Given some time to think, he's come up with the solution to our mystery, and it looks like the crime was committed but not one person, but TWO! Now let's bring these partners in crime to justice by unmasking their faces!

Master two decks in March.

↪ Link to each mastery.
↪ The mastery comment must be made in March, but can be awarded after.
↪ Decks may be regular or special!

Prizes: 5 random cards + 1 random crayon

Ah. By the way, since you're already here and all... How about you buy a copy of Hyouka? We have 200 anthologies we need to sell, and since you really helped us out, we'll even lower the price. please help there's so many

Level up OR earn 100 cards in March.

↪ Link to your level up comment, or otherwise where you earned the cards and how many.
↪ Feel free to take advantage of Recycled Art for 20 cards a week!

Prizes: 6 random cards + 2 random crayons

table coding by [personal profile] despedia

You can earn up to a total of 56 cards and 5 crayons (not including bonuses) for completing the tasks this month!

Completing all the tasks will earn you an additional 10 random cards, 2 random crayons and the GRAND PRIZE!


Grand Prize A: +2 release slots for 3 releases
Grand Prize B: special deck donation

You must present your coupon when collecting! Make sure to keep track of how many times you've used it.

You have until April 1st at 12:01PM EST to complete these tasks. Good luck!
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completed all tasks!

[personal profile] zekroms 2016-03-09 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Olivia | card post | Grand Prize A | early rewards are fine!
Red Task: Complete
Take a break from updating your card post for three consecutive days!
I accidentally a whole week oops.... (March 1 - 8)
Orange Task: Complete
Turn in 5 cards that spell out CLUES!

Yellow Task: Complete
Correctly answer 15 games in March.
1. Link Cable 10
2. Rei's Friend Report 128
3. Arazlam's Clues 287
4. Colorseum 15-3
5. Seiyuu Guess 229
6. Guess the Color 262
7. Swap Station 22
8. Link Cable 11
9. Beauty Pageant 95
10. Deck Lover 22
11. Colorseum 15-4
12. Coloring Book 122
13. Host Club Giveaway 129
14. Crazy Colors 109
15. Switch it Up 115
Green Task: Complete
Use four different services in March.
Recycled Art (March 12) | Art Shop | Levels | Art Studio
Blue Task: Complete
Trade with 15 different players.
1. Jiyu
2. Caitie (site trade - March 8)
3. Kiss (sig trade)
4. Kaede (sig trade)
5. Eon
6. Trap (sig trade)
7. Ivory and Horn (site trade - March 11)
8. Aki (site trade - March 11)
9. Lex (site trade - March 12)
10. Jailynn (question)
11. Moe (question)
12. Shannon (U)
13. Veth
14. Ana
15. AL (question)
Purple Task: Complete
Turn in 6 cards to fill in the missing blanks, Mad Lib style!
「I saw an (artist) fly straight out of that room the other day, looking very (irritated)!! I bet they were going to (sass) an (otaku), but messed up really bad. Try looking for an (aging) (bull), I bet you'll find it!」
Brown Task: Complete
Master two decks in March.
legal & archaeology
Gray Task: Complete
Level up OR earn 100 cards in March.
leveled up!
coding by [personal profile] vethica; get it here!
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Re: completed all tasks!

[personal profile] zekroms 2016-03-29 02:50 pm (UTC)(link)
OH, sorry for pointing this out late but I think you forgot the crayons!