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Scrapbooks 148 & 149

Characters with freckles and Genre: Horror


✔ For Freckled we are looking for a picture of character who has freckles. If possible, please use a picture where the freckles are well visible so they still would be after resizing to card size.

✔ For Horror we are looking for a picture of character from a horror series. If there's any nudity or gore in your picture, it can be used if it can be cropped in a way that the resulting card will be safe for work (although please put a warning next to your link). Blood is okay, monsters are also okay, I'm talking about full blown gore here.

✔ Remember that I'm not familiar with all canons and in many cases I'll be taking your word for the fact that the character you donated is a good fit for this deck. However, if you see a donation that you suspect might not be a good fit, do not hesitate to point it out of let me know if you'd rather not talk to the donor by yourself.

✔ After this round closes, 20 players will be chosen whose submissions will get included in the deck. Regardless of whether you are chosen or not, you will receive a prize - 3 random cards.

✔ You MAY donate a character someone else has donated to increase their chances of being included, but if that character gets picked for the deck, only the person whose submission was chosen can claim the card from the new release as their scrapbook freebie. Only one character per series will be picked.

✔ If your primary character is in the deck already, your secondary donation will be used. If both happen to be in the deck already, I'll move on to next person, sorry!

✔ If you donate to Scrapbook 148 - Characters with freckles, you MAY NOT donate to Scrapbook 149 - Genre: Horror unless it goes into overtime. You MAY donate to the first come first serve Scrapbook 150

✔ Your image must be in color and fit our vertical template. If it does not fit well or is not high quality enough, I will ask you for another pic. If we already have a deck of the character, please use an image we haven't used in the character's deck. If I notice you using an image we already have a card of, I will mostly likely ask you for a different image. (You will not lose your spot). Help me out and check to see if your image has already been used in that character's deck!

✔ This Scrapbook will remain open till Monday, March 7th. If the decks aren't filled by then, the scrapbooks will go into overtime

Please use this form when donating or your donation will not be considered.

Round 150 of Scrapbook will be done in the first come, first serve system. Its theme will be Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi

This round will go up tomorrow, March 1st.
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Re: Scrapbook 149: Genre: Horror

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Your name: Olivia
Primary character: Naomi Nakashima
Series: Corpse Party
Image link: Here!