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Deck Donations - Regular

What's a TCG without cards to collect? Donate a deck here! Only regular character decks are accepted here! If you're looking to donate a special deck, please visit deck donations - special.

Acceptable sources for donations include:

  • Anime
  • Manga, Manhwa, Manhua
  • Video games produced in East Asia
  • Light novels using manga/anime style art

Sources must NOT be fan productions, unpublished or unofficial sources, or Western sources.

  • Include a minimum of 30 official images of the character.
  • Include images spanning from the beginning to the end of a series.
  • Include only unedited images.
  • Include colored images as a priority, and choose images from a variety of sources, if possible. In cases of an anime/manga series, anime images take priority, but you can also include color manga art, if it exists.
  • Include images showing a variety of expressions. Ensure the source has enough chapters or episodes to meet this requirement!
  • Include images at their highest possible resolution! Better quality donation images ensure better quality decks.
  • Do not donate moving .gif files. They are difficult for deckmakers to work with!
  • When donating characters from anime or manga series adapted from light novels, be sure to include the original light novel artwork in the donation.
  • When donating characters from video games, prioritise cut scenes, character art, promotional art, or other high-quality art sources. Include in-game art only when necessary to meet the 30 image minimum.
  • When donating characters from manga, prioritise colored images. In the absence of coloured images, black and white panels submitted must feature a character from at least head to shoulders. Panels featuring speech bubbles on a character's face, only small portions of a character's face, or which cut off at the chin are NOT acceptable.
  • When donating characters from visual novels or similar sources, bear in mind that portraits with only minor expression variations are NOT appropriate for a full deck. Ensure the donation meets the 30 image minimum without including these portraits.
  • Donate twins separately.
  • Donate alternate identities alongside everyday identites—for example, Usagi and Sailor Moon feature in the same deck. However, when a character's alternate identity is a spoiler, please submit separately.
  • Consider alternate personalities for their own decks only when the personality is not the same person as the body they inhabit—for example, Yuugi Mutou and the Pharaoh/Spirit of the Puzzle are not the same person, and should have separate decks.
  • Compress donations in a .zip or .rar and upload to a sharing site such as Mediafire or Sendspace.
  • Check the current and upcoming deck lists to ensure the proposed deck name is free.
  • Finally, check other submissions for the current month to ensure no character is donated more than once.

Meeting these requirements will ensure decks are released promptly. Decks not meeting these requirements may be returned to the donor for resubmission or heavily influenced by deckmakers. Please contact a deckmaker directly if you have any uncertainties!


Members are allowed to donate three regular decks per month. Donations reset on the 25th of each month, but do wait for the mod comment indicating as much!

When the new month comment goes up, you may comment in response to it claiming the characters you intend to donate for the month—that way no one will donate the same character as you! You may only reserve as many characters as you have donation slots available.

Prizes for donating a deck are 3 random cards & 1 random crayon per deck.


Label the subject of your comment with "Series Name - Character" and donate only one deck per comment unless you are donating multiple characters from the same series. Use the following form to donate:

Lastly, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact any current deckmaker directly! They will be glad to assist you. :)

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Henshin Dekinai - Someya Kaoruko/Shinobu & Honda Souichirou

[personal profile] pinkoctopus 2017-03-02 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Harris
# of donation this month: 1, 2

Character: Someya Kaoruko/Shinobu
Series: Henshin Dekinai
Name suggestions: Okama Mama
Reason for names: Someya owns an okama bar, where they call him/her Mama Someya.
Name suggestions: Chrysalis
Reason for names: Someya considers his/her transformation from male to female like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.
Other Suggestions: Red deck?
Link to donation:

Character: Honda Souichirou
Series: Henshin Dekinai
Name suggestions: Pimp My Ride
Reason for names: Honda is a mechanic that customizes cars into things of majestic beauty.
Name suggestions: Ex-Yankee
Reason for names: Honda was formerly a "Yankee," a type of Japanese punk, and still acts like one.
Other Suggestions: Blue deck?
Link to donation:

Credit to Curie!

Henshin Dekinai is a side manga that takes place in the same universe as Okane Ga Nai, for categorization purposes.
Edited 2017-03-02 18:22 (UTC)
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Re: Henshin Dekinai - Someya Kaoruko/Shinobu & Honda Souichirou

[personal profile] magaru 2017-05-12 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for your donation! The deck(s) can be viewed below:

Pimp My Ride