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Pot of Gold 43

Congratulations, winners of last month. You have made your way out of the madness that is Silent Hill, but the city left its marks on you, didn't it? You are no longer the same person you were upon entering it. But have no fear. No matter what your current state is... We, the flowers who bloom in the darkness, welcome you into...

Hebi School for Young Ladies.

(thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] dialny for making these banners and [personal profile] despedia for this table)

The object of the Pot of Gold is to complete different "tasks" that will be different every month. You'll get small rewards for completing them individually, but receive bonuses if you manage to complete all of them. How much of the rainbow can you complete?

- Everything collected and turned in for these tasks must be done and logged in between June 1st and June 30th, 2014. So you've only got one month!

- When commenting here after completing a task, make sure you label your subject with "Completed", as well as the name of the task you finished. Also, make sure you let me know if you've completed all of them so I can give you your extra reward!

- Please give me a link to your logs with every comment you make.

- Pot of Gold tasks can only be turned in when the round is open, so that means that after June 30th, you can't turn in anything even if your tasks were completed and logged in June! Therefore, make sure to post a comment in June. If you need to fix a link or clarify something after this time, please reply to your comment or PM me; do not edit your comment after the deadline!

- Also, most of the prizes you obtain from Pot of Gold are valid for a set period of time. Special deck donations, however, are an exception - think of them as tickets that you can turn in regardless of when it was won.

Bunny Amidst Snakes
I'm sorry, but would you help me? Like you, I'm not really one of these people. I'm just here to get my school's stolen scroll back. But... I don't think these people trust either of us very much yet. I think we'll need to do whatever they need to get done here to make them lower their guard. Yagyuu-chan, wish me luck!

Task: Help Hibari gain the Hebi's trust by whatever means necessary. Master a deck OR donate a deck OR answer 10 Anniversary posts.

Reward: 3 random cards

My Cute Puppets
Mm? A new underclassman? Why, you're so cute I could just eat you up, really... but that'll have to wait for a minute. Certain tasks need to be done, so I'll need to obtain myself new unsuspecting puppets to get them done...

Task: Haruka would like to be serviced... by mods. Visit 4 services (Art Shop, Art Studio, Masteries, Levels, Recycled Art) during the month of June. You can use the same service more than once.

Reward: 4 random cards

Bean Sprout Fever
Oh? I do not recall seeing you here before. It's a pleasure to meet you. ...Tell me, given the choice between "yes" and "no", do you like bean sprouts? They're very cheap and nutritious, you know! It would not be an overstatement to say this wonderful food saves lives! I was actually just running out of them, so I'm heading out to the market to buy more. Would you like to join me?

Task(s): Help Yomi with her shopping and bring her cards whose decknames spell out M-O-Y-A-S-H-I. However, because Yomi's poor and can't afford to handle big numbers, the cards must be numbered 01-10. Also, if a deckname contains more than one of the letters, you can use all of them, meaning you can get this task done with as few as 2 cards if the decknames happen to favor you. (The cards must be obtained during June. You will lose them.)

Reward: The amount of cards you used for this task +3

Don't Feel Like It
Huh... don't recall seeing you around before. Oh, well. One person more or less, it doesn't matter very much. Not like I've particularly cared about anything in a while. The rest of them, they tell me to try to find my emotions again, but it's just too much trouble...

Task: Hikage has forgotten how to feel... much of anything, really. Help her remember emotions again by bringing her one happy card, one sad or distressed card, one angry or annoyed card and one surprised, confused, stunned or just plain WTF-faced card. (The cards must be obtained during June. You will lose them.)

Reward: 8 random cards

Notice Me!
Remember that even if I look short, I am your upperclassman, so don't look down on me, you hear? ...Ahem. Now, listen up. This Mirai-sama is going to make herself known to the school, and you get to help me out. It's an honor very few people get to-

-Where are you looking? DON'T IGNORE ME!

Task: Help Mirai make her name known by answering 15 games during June. Rounds that end in July are also accepted as long as your answer's from June. (All of them don't need to be different games, but games where you're 100% sure to get cards without losing anything don't count, therefore no Host Club or Pick a Color that doesn't have the result of "no cards" in it.) Also, out of these 15 answers, make one of them attention-grabbing in some way.

Reward: 5 random cards + 1 random crayon

Super Ninja's Wisdom
Welcome. I am your new teacher, and I will get right to the point. To be a successful ninja, you must cast aside all unnecessary emotions. Swiftness, precision, decisiveness. Find your target. Observe them. Find what is most important to them. Strike without hesitation. With this piece of advice in mind, find yourself worthy targets and bring me proof that you've understood my lesson. Dismissed.

Task: Suzune-sensei has a discerning eye for what people are like and what they hold dear. Show her you can do the same by trading 2 cards to people who have them as "collecting" priority (you can trade both cards to the same person) OR trading 4 people cards they have in their highest priority futures. (must all be different people) Note the difference between the two options.

Reward: 6 random cards.

The Darkness Accepts All
Hiya. You're new here, aren't you? The name's Homura. Now, the people here don't really look too friendly, but don't mind that too much. As long as you embrace the darkness, we will accept you no matter who you are or who you were. Anyone can become one of us. Keep this in mind, okay?

Task: Homura has taken the dark faction's motto to heart. Show her you're just as accepting by trading with 30 different people and turning in 2 sketchpads. Of the 30, five must be in Primary, five in Fruit and five in Precious or above tiers.

Reward: 4 random cards

A Madman's Ambition
The dark faction? Its ideals? Don't make me laugh. Money, power, women. That's what I want, and soon enough also get. Tell you what, work for me and I'll give you something good when I stand at the top. Hahaha!

Task: Principal Dougen's desires aren't very complicated, at least. Obtain 75 cards during June. (from actions you performed during June)

Reward: 5 random cards

You can earn up to a total of 40-45 (depending on how many cards you used in the Yellow Task) cards and 1 crayon for completing the tasks for this month!

Completing all the tasks will earn you an additional 12 random cards, 2 random crayons and the GRAND PRIZE!

Grand Prize A: +2 cards from games during July.
Grand Prize B: Special deck donation.

You must present your coupon when collecting.

You have until July 1st at 00:00 at whatever is the last time zone in the world to complete these tasks. Good luck!

NOW CLOSED. Anyone who has a comment here can still make additions if there is something they've done during the month of June but haven't yet added into their entry, but remember to reply to your own comment instead of editing it or you're jeopardizing your entire prize.
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completed: ALL! red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, gray

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pot of gold: june 2014
card post & logs || the "chives styled his post cuz he's a nerd" edition

red task!! [status: finished! ]
master one deck OR donate one deck OR respond to 10 anniversary posts

mastered rely

orange task!! [status: finished! 4/4]
visit 4 services.

yellow task!! [status: complete! 7/7]
spell out moyashi in decknames. cards must be 01-10 and obtained in june.

maxter03, oilpaint05, yuki-onna03, alseides06, saluki16, heavenrend02, imitating07

green task!! [status: complete! 4/4]
turn in one happy card, one sad or distressed card, one angry or annoyed card and one surprised, confused, stunned or just plain WTF-faced card. must be obtained in june.

happy: party11. sad: sabbat18. angry: devoted15. surprised: worst04.

blue task!! [status: finished! 15/15]
participate in 15 games. make one of the answers attention-grabbing in some way.

purple task!! [status: finished! 02/02]
trading 2 cards to people who have them as "collecting" priority (you can trade both cards to the same person) OR trading 4 people cards they have in their highest priority futures. (must be different people)

01. hebirote05 (Nea) 02. curediamond09 (Nea)

brown task!! [status: finished! 30/30]
trading with 30 different people and turning in 2 sketchpads. 5 primary, 5 fruits, 5 precious+.

01. Pikari 02. Kat 03. Chelsea 04. Lee 05. Marge | (primary)
06. Aria 07. Sami 08. January 09. Shay 10. Abyss | (fruits)
11. Nea 12. Aru 13. Ralene 14. Anna 15. Dialny | (precious+)
16. Lex 17. Hollie 18. Pam 19.Melissa 20. Mal
21. Allmia 22. Dialny 23. Caitie 24. Ori 25. Kazu
26. Kristi 27. Em 28. AL 29. Aurorawing 30. Lila

→ gray task!! [status: finished & fixed! 75/75]
obtain 75 cards.

early prizes are fine, and i'm gunning for grand prize B!

Edited (DONE FINALLY) 2014-06-20 22:24 (UTC)