18 April 2017 @ 07:21 pm
Hi everyone! The Brown Break Raffle results have been posted so head over there if you had any tickets- that also applies to last year's tickets! We also hope that you've enjoyed our April Fools joke.

Since last weekend was Easter, whether you celebrate it or not, you can take three choice cards from different decks with 0 in their numbers (so 01-10 are fine for this) to form your very own egg basket. Please state in your comment what you are taking.

That's all for today, see you next month! Previous release is still open for claiming for 48h!

Art & Fic Submission Post
April Pot of Gold
April Release Zip

new decks, freebies, birthday freebies, referral rewards )
24 April 2017 @ 11:35 pm

Last round's winner was the Even Team! Congrats!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new game called Colors Stamp Card! This game is kind of like a card scavenger hunt with a team competition thrown in for even more fun. Let's break it down:

What are we trying to find this round? )

The new week will start on Monday, May 1, 2017, and this round will close on Monday, May 8, 2017.
25 April 2017 @ 12:07 am

Thanks for all your help last time! The colors I was looking for were Brown and Green!!

There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you! Miss Kamila is in trouble, and I need your assistance again!! I need to swap a card I found with something else in order to protect her, but they have to be the same color. The bad thing is... I can't see color because I'm a Pomeranian!
This man is wearing some very old clothing. Though they remind me more of a female clothing then male clothing.

Can you tell me the color of this card so I can help Miss Kamila? I will sniff four cards out for you and bring them back!

This round will end Monday, May 1st.

24 April 2017 @ 10:51 pm
Last week's suspect was Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5!

Ah, you must be the new assistant. I am Inspector Alfendi Layton of New Scotland Yard's Mystery Room department. Yes, I am also the son of Professor Layton, though now isn't the time to discuss that. I'm very close to tracking down the prime suspect of the case I'm working on, but I only have a brief description to work off of. Perhaps you can help me discern their identity so I can call them in for questioning?

This unfortunate young man ends up in a cursed art gallery with two little girls. He has a very kind and feminine personality, speaking very politely and often having the most vocal reactions to the horrors in the gallery. It is implied that he may have an interest in fashion as well.

If you can tell me the name of the suspect and the series he comes from, I'll reward you with six random cards.

This round ends on Monday, May 1st!

Also sorry this round went up so late..... rewards for the previous round will be passed out tomorrow!
24 April 2017 @ 06:37 pm

Haaa! I am Honda Tadakatsu's daughter, Ina, and I challenge you -

...you...have never trained with the bow? Ah, my apologies...

Maybe you could help me with my own training, to start? Just throw one or two (or three or four) of those cards of yours in the air, and I'll put as many arrows through them as I can before they hit the ground!

And in thanks for your help, I'll change their numbers to however many times I managed to hit them!

- You can play up to four cards per round. Together or in separate comments as you like, it doesn't matter.
- You'll give these up to replace them each with a card of the same deck, but a different number.
- Numbers are randomized and not influenced by any other factor! The only guarantee is that you won't get the exact same card in return.

This round ends on Monday, May 1st!
24 April 2017 @ 06:27 pm
I'll finish catching up with rewards/portfolios shortly, sorry about the wait! Also, last week for this month's challenge~

This banner was done by Moe ♥ Thank you~

an idol's acrostic trading post

A troubled idol needs to buy words from you so that he can finish his lyrics! He'll give you a card for every letter you sell to him and a bonus 3 cards for every whole word you can provide.

Basically, you need to trade to spell your words! The first letter of either the CARD or the PLAYER you trade with are the letters you use to spell your words. You will have a week to do so.

Once a month there will be a longer phrase that you can work towards to submit for a special prize at the end of the month! The monthly phrase will also include some kind of extra parameter (player trades can only be with red/yellow level players, only even numbered cards, etc)

For example if the word of the week is DESK. To get a 'D' I can trade with Delitan or I can trade the card defeated07. For trading cards you can either be the person trading the card AWAY or the person RECEIVING the card.

For player trades though you MUST trade with someone else. So I can't use 'Sammich' for the letter 'S'.

You cannot reuse the same player/card in one week. If the word is "EYE" you need TWO different players or cards that start with 'E'.

Trades from previous weekly challenges may be used for the monthly task, as long as the dates fit the criteria! However, if you submit both the weekly and monthly challenge in one week, you may not reuse a card/player name from the weekly challenge for the monthly challenge.


To complete this month's challenge, you must trade with at least three different players.

The reward for successfully completing this month's challenge is 59 cards, 3 April release cards and 3 crayons!

For a bonus crayon, post your favourite gif(s)! It can be funny, cute, or whatever your heart desires~


Please provide links of your trade. If you use a website logging system please link your log. However it is preferred that you have a link somewhere as opposed to email/website logs just because it makes it easier to check. Thank you!
only trades dated between 4/24-5/1 will count*
the exception is for the monthly task, where only trades dated between 4/3-5/1 will count
* the date completed. So if you start a trade on the 23rd and it ends on the 24th it's fine to use. However if you start a trade on the 1st and it ends on the 2nd it would not count. This is mostly to prevent trades from hanging over too far into the next week, I know it might be a little rushed that way but remember even if you can't get the whole word you can still get partial credit for most of the word!
24 April 2017 @ 06:07 am
Last round's cards 1. attorney12 2. trainer10 3. sun06 4. blackmagic11 Bonus. dawn08!

Amu wants to become more artistic and has decided to paint some Colors Cards. Unfortunately, it looks like she spilled the paint on all of the cards! Will you help figure out what the cards were for her?

Read more... )

This round closes on Sunday, April 30th!

23 April 2017 @ 11:20 pm

Art by Moon!

What are we coloring this time? )

The new week will start on Sunday, April 30, 2017, and this round will close on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
23 April 2017 @ 11:14 pm
Last round's winner is Answer!

Hello, dear listeners! 5pb-chan is in charge of the music toplist corner once again and it's entirely up to you and your votes which song will make it this week!

Hi-5 Radio is a weekly music game where you are given a pair of songs and vote for one of them. After the round closes, the votes are tallied and everyone who picked the winning song gets ten random cards. Players who voted for the other song are rewarded with four random cards.

In this round BGMs that are pretty but you end up hearing them so much you grow tired of them...

Hills of Radiant Winds

Shining Castle of Dying Wishes

Choose one of the songs!

This round is open till Sunday, April 30th
23 April 2017 @ 02:56 pm

『Don't worry, dear players of Colors! I'll make your unwanted cards「become nothing」!』

『I'll even explain the rules.』  )

『And that's it. Have fun! :)』

Round 157's usable letters


Letters remaining: 8』
This week's payout: 8 cards』

Round 157's card:


『This round will end on Sunday, April 30.』
23 April 2017 @ 12:54 pm
Last week's answer was Rikka Takanashi from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, voiced by Maaya Uchida!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Seiyuu Guess! Our host for this game is Shizuka, a rookie seiyuu who's still learning the tricks of the trade! She's been provided with a description, image, and clip of a certain character, and it's up to you to help her figure out who voices them.

Who do we have this week? )

Tell Shizuka both characters' names, both of their seiyuu, and what series they're from for twelve random cards and a random crayon!

This round ends Saturday, April 29, 2017.
23 April 2017 @ 05:02 pm
Last round's answer is Treats!

Colette is known for her love of dogs. She especially loves to come up with names for them! However, after naming all the dogs across Sylvarant and Tethe'alla there wasn't much left for her to do so she's going to come up with deck names now. Help her name all the decks across Colors TCG?

With every round, there will be a picture of a character who has a deck on Colors. Tell Colette what their deckname is to be rewarded with 6 random special cards!

And who will it be this time? )
This round is open till Sunday, April 30th
23 April 2017 @ 04:46 pm

Some of you might know Kamukura as the guy who was really into boats back in the day. Rumor has it he likes memes now. He's been trying to get into anime lately but sometimes he stumbles upon something that's hard to comprehend even with his numerous talents.

Today in No Context Theater... )

Come up with a possible explanation for the situation in the screencap! It can be anything and as silly or serious as you wish. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the series, the purpose of the game is not to guess what actually happened there! Same if you are familiar with the context - pretend that you aren't and make up something on your own!

Source of screencaps will more often than not be Anime Screenshots Without Context

For answering, you'll get 5 new release cards. Every answer is correct and feel free to comment on other people's answers! This round is open till Sunday, April 30th!
22 April 2017 @ 02:43 pm

Edge and Reimi travel to other planets aboard their spaceship "Calnus," which they explore on behalf of the Space Reconnaissance Force (SRF).

This week, they were sent a photo of their next destination.

Read more... )

If you can tell Edge and Reimi what the name of this kingdom is and what series it comes from, they'll give you four random cards for each correct answer, totaling to eight random cards!

Last time, they were in Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X!

This round will end on Saturday, April 29th!
22 April 2017 @ 01:47 pm

Welcome to the Colors Beauty Pageant! Please join Mizuki, Mikuru, and me as we set out to find things that are fresh, new, and lovely~★
Next up, introducing...! )
22 April 2017 @ 01:44 pm

Last week's fan mail was sent by Kurashiki Akane from Zero Escape (999)!

Oikawa Tooru is a very busy guy. When he's not training hard for his volleyball matches or teasing his adorable kouhai, he is dealing with all of the gifts from his fans! Always looking to please them, he writes a thank you note to the sender of every single gift he has received. However, sometimes the gifts come unsigned, including the one he has just received! Can you help him figure out where he needs to send the thank you letter?
Where does today's fan mail come from? )
22 April 2017 @ 11:45 am

Last week's results:

Donald Duck [17] - [10] Rei Hino

The champion of Colorseum's 24th round is DONALD DUCK! Congratulations!
You can view the entire bracket and all results here.

Congrats to ReneeTwist for winning the bonus crayon lottery!

Good day, Colors players. My name is Elizabeth. I am here to host the most amazing battle tournament in existence - the Colorseum!
Don't worry, no one will get hurt, at least as long as I don't want them to... The battles will not be decided by strength or strategy, but rather by the ability to win the crowd's hearts! And the judges... will be you!

Want more details? My pleasure!
- Each 'round' will consist of 5 'sub-rounds', posted weekly. They will be First Round A, First Round B, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and the Final!
- Each round will have a theme - they work in a similar way to the Scrapbook things you use here.
- Each round will have 16 characters from various series fighting in one-on-one battles, in a form of a knockout tournament.
- You decide who will advance to the next round by casting your votes.
- The votes are unscreened, and every player participating will get the same prizes, regardless of the final results! That means you can always vote for the characters YOU like the most!
- Feel free to try to convince other players to vote for your favourites! Bribery, threats - anything goes!
- I will always vote last, just before closing the round. If two characters are tied after that, the one with the higher seed advances to the next round.
- During the final battle of each round, you will be able to suggest who you want to participate in the next one!

Now, let's see today's battles!
Enter the arena )

This round will close on 29th April, Central European time!
21 April 2017 @ 11:17 pm

Welcome to Colors Picross, a Game featuring a pixelated puzzle that will reveal an image once completed!
For Picross, you just need to fill in colored boxes, and you could win Prizes for your effort!

puzzles below! )

This round will close May 5th!

21 April 2017 @ 03:14 pm
Last round's answer was Key Plus Words from Persona 4 The Animation sung by Hirata Shihoko feat. Kawamura Yumi.

Hi, and welcome back to Music Station! Every week Miku will sing a new song crafted especially for you. It'd make her really happy if you gave her song a name!

i'm gonna miku-miku you♪ )
21 April 2017 @ 01:57 pm
Sorry for the delay in posting this round!

Crazy Colors is an interactive game that you play with the cards you already have in your post! True to its title, it plays similarly to the real card game Crazy Eights. To earn prizes from this game, you'll have to not only be quick, but pay close attention to the comments above yours.

rules )


stagefright10, yellow

☆ This round, every valid play whose deckname is two or more words will receive two additional random cards.

This round closes on Thursday, April 27.
21 April 2017 @ 01:57 pm
Sorry for the delay in posting this round!

Last round's image was from Pig Bride, and here's the solution (by [personal profile] pinkoctopus)!

Rumor has it that someone has been going around vandalizing images. Fortunately, his work, much like his disguise, isn't fooling anyone.

Click here for the image! )

In total, not including any cuts/resizes made to the image as a whole or text added/removed to denote the game and round, there have been 5 (sets of) changes made to the image. You'll get 2 random cards for each change you find, for a total of 10 random cards. Answers can be submitted in text or image form (a description of the changes and/or the image with changes circled).

This round will close on Thursday, May 4.